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Whole grain: one word, many meanings

Whole grain: one word, many meanings

The definition of 'whole grain' flour is often a topic of debate.

Whole grain flour is by definition flour with a high bran content and ash levels between 1.3 and 1.7% .
This simple definition, however, covers more or less broadly a variety of flours that fall within the whole grain category because of their parameters, but in fact feature varying levels of purity and wholesomeness.
From this short introduction it can be concluded that different types of whole grain flour exist on the market.

In this context we would like to present our INTEGRUM® and CARYOPSIS® whole grain flours.

INTEGRUM® whole grain flour, like all the flour in our 100% Italian grain range, goes through all the roller mills, and therefore has a finer particle size than the Caryopsis® flour, as explained below. This applies in particular to the bran, which can be classified into the following constituents: bran, middlings and groats.
No other ingredients are added, the flour is made exclusively by brushing and milling whole grains.
Integrum® has excellent strength and, as explained in our previous article (see here) is ideal for use alone or in combination with other flours of the same line.

Last but not least, we would like to present perhaps the most special flour in the range: CARYOPSIS®, the most complete whole grain flour.
Caryopsis® is non-reconstituted flour obtained directly from milling. Its characteristics make it the best whole grain flour that can be obtained in compliance with regulatory standards. Because it is pure flour it has a coarser, irregular particle size and combines excellent workability with a unique wheat aroma. Here too, the grains used are 100% Italian and meticulously selected in order to guarantee the best quality.

We have briefly presented these products because they are the result of a project that builds on quality to provide professional baking laboratories with a single flour that can effectively replace many different flour types and bring to the fore full, simple flavour.


The ingredient lists have no footnotes, no hidden asterisks: our flours are naturally whole grain. Unlike many flours on the market, they need
no added bran to comply with regulatory parameters.


Whole grain, whole quality, whole synergy.
We have considered each and every requirement when developing the Le Farine di Leonardo flour range.

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