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Le Farine di Leonardo®: a question of choice.

Le Farine di Leonardo®: a question of choice.

The idea for this project arose from a master baker’s passion for his trade and a quality mill.

Leonardo Di Carlo and Molino Bertolo have joined forces to create a unique line: Le Farine di Leonardo®.

Four types of top quality, versatile flour that used pure or as a mix help professional bakers give rein to their creativeness.

The line is backed by a series of deliberate choices:

  • To return to a tradition of a limited range of flour types that are universal.
  • To use only Italian grains, enhance them and increase their renown around the world.
  • Not to make do with good flour, but to seek the very best.
  • To give professional bakers raw materials that can serve as a basis for expressing their talents.
  • To accept only the highest quality standards.

These choices were the basis for a project implemented over two years, involving continuous research with regular tests to develop these flour types and the best way to use them, together with valid, tried and tested recipes.

The project started around two years ago and is now ready to go on stage at the Conegliano Teatro Accademia on 17 September, in an event that will officially launch the results of this long experience to a selected audience.