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A question of synergy

A question of synergy

Recipes are often considered proper formulae, necessary steps leading to the perfect result. We support this view and would like to stress that indeed every single step of the process is fundamental and ingredients play a crucial role in the development of the dough and recipe.


For generations, Molino Bertolo has been committed to providing bakery professionals with raw materials best suited to their purposes (and recipes), and the recent cooperation with Maestro Leonardo Di Carlo goes in exactly the same direction, with even greater determination.

Sometimes the fundamental ingredient of a recipe may be just one type of flour, sometimes you may need a mixture of different flours in order to achieve the ideal characteristics. It is not always easy to create the right mixture because each bag of flour is inevitably different and every kernel is unique. In addition, when different flour types are mixed, the resulting dough may behave differently in terms of fat and liquid absorption, elasticity, etc.

Thanks to their purity and easy mixability, the Le Farine di Leonardo® range of flours introduces an important revolution. The range consists of four flours whose properties make them ideal for use on their own but equally perfect for use synergistically.



This doesn't just mean they can be mixed together; indeed these flours have been specifically created so that they complement or even enhance each other's properties.

With the Le Farine di Leonardo range of flours you can reduce remarkably the number of flours you use every day.


For example, ROBUSTUM® and TENERUM®, two flours in the range, are the perfect raw materials for lots of creations, such as:  panettone, pastries, biscuits, bread, piadina, flat bread, breadsticks, buns and plum cakes.
By mixing these two flours in varying proportions, professional bakers can obtain a flour blend to which fats and liquids will be added as required to create an incredibly wide number of recipes.




The entire range of bakery products can be made with just two flours.

In addition to Robustum®, our top strong flour, and Tenerum®, our incredibly versatile weak flour, our range also includes two other whole grain flours that can be used alone or in combination with the previous two: INTEGRUM® and CARYOPSIS®.


These four flour types are of the highest quality and are obtained from guaranteed Italian grains.

Our commitment to quality is a promise we make to all food professionals.

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